Crowned Queen Hair was founded by Marci Millsap, Kansas City native, in Atlanta, GA in September of 2012.  Marci's love for her own hair inspired her to find a quality of hair that she can share with others. Don't spend countless dollars searching for quality hair. We have already done that for you.

Marci Millsap, a native of Kansas City, is a wife, a mother of 3 beautiful kids, an entrepreneur, while in the army full-time. Marci has always loved fashion and hair, and whenever, she is not in uniform, she is always dressed to impressed. In 2012, Marci decided to turn the love she had for hair into a business and started Crowned Queen Hair. Her first year in business was a success. She started making a name for herself, collaborating with stylist around Atlanta. One of her collaborations landed her a win, at the annual Bronner Brothers show in Atlanta. She was also, invited and attended New York Fashion Week. Marci motivated and inspired by her success, started focusing on new marketing strategies and ways to continue to brand Crowned Queen Hair. She started to get noticed by the people she once looked up to in the hair industry.Marci’s success showed and proved, she could do anything she put her mind too.


                In 2014, Marci accomplished another one of her goals, and opened Crowned Queen Beauty Suite in her home town, Kansas City. Motivated more than ever she continued to step out of the box, with her unique marketing strategies.She once again created a buzz and made a name for herself. Despite all her success, after almost 2 years, Marci made one of the hardest decisions of her life and decided to close her salon. She had to make the best decision for her family and business. The long distant managing and having to travel back and forth from Atlanta to Kansas City became too much. Marci had spent the last few years of her life, putting her all into her business, and decided it was time to focus on what was most important, her family. In 2016, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and now her family was complete.


   Taking time off helped her refocus on new goals. Marci wanted to share her journey and help new business owners have a successful startup and help existing business owners rebrand. In January 2017, Marci launched SmartBoss Workshop, an online training course designed to take your business from agood idea to a successful startup. In the last year, Marci has helped many women start businesses and rebrand. Marci’s goal is to continue to grow and inspire, and continue to be an example to all women, that if you work hard,stay consistent and believe, anything is possible!